In-situ Test of Layered Settlement of Soil around The Foundation Pit with Pensile Cut-off Curtain

Category: ICETI 2017
Author: Gao Chaoa,Wang Guoli ,Wang Yanmin , Zhao Jianghong
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The settlement of soil caused by the change of groundwater level is an important environmental geotechnical engineering problem,under the condition of thicker cohesionless soil layer,the seepage of foundation pit is the important reason that causes the soil settlement around the foundation pit with pensile cut-off curtain. Using automatic in-situ testing technology, the settlement law of surrounding soil in the construction stage of the main pit of Harbin sports park subway station was measured. The measured data show that the settlement of the soil outside the foundation pit mainly occurs in a certain depth range of the upper and lower part of the curtain bottom, and the maximum settlement occurs at the bottom of the curtain. Based on the analysis of the time of settlement and dewatering stage of the foundation pit, it is concluded that the seepage of foundation pit is the dominant factor leading to the settlement of the soil outside the pit under similar engineering conditions. Sincerely hope to provide reference for the design and construction of similar projects in the local.

Pages 156-161
Year 2017
Issue 1
Volume 1


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