Research on Risk Assessment of The PPP Rail Transit Projects Based on Imp roved CUOWGA -Shapley Value

Category: ICETI 2017
Author: XUN Zhi-yuan, WU Qiu-lin, LI Yao
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The PPP rail transit projects develop rapidly in China, due to its many participants, long construction period, large scale and other characteristics, causing lots of risks in the construction process. It need to evaluate its risk to identify key risks. Considering the features of PPP and rail transit projects, the three level index system of risk assessment in the whole life cycle of the PPP rail transit projects are established, which combines the characteristics of PPP project. The fuzzy semantic quantization operator and the normalized decision matrix are used in the CUOWGA operator to improve it. The improved CUOWGA operator and Shapley function are combined to evaluate the index system of risks. This model not only eliminates the subjective assumptions of decision data in the operation process, but also considers the correlation in different risks, and makes the evaluation result more accurate. Finally, the science and effectiveness of the combined model is verified by a case.

Pages 151-154
Year 2017
Issue 2
Volume 1


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