Green Level Assessment of Electronic Products Whole Life Cycle based on the Modified TOPSIS

Category: ICETI 2017
Author: Juan TANG , Zhi LIU and Hong-lin ZHU
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The traditional manufacturing industry has brought rapid economic development while worsening environment in recent years. In order to realize low-carbon and sustainable development of manufacturing industry, the relevant national departments have proposed to build green manufacturing system and assess the products green level the as one of the most important indicators of this. From the perspective of the products whole life cycle, taking the electronic products as the research object and combining with the green manufacturing requirements, the green level assessment indicators are established. Taking the MA-OWA as weighting method, and using the modified TOPSIS method, the electronic products’ green level was assessed. And the results show that the high green level and low environment impact of electronic products can be effectively selected, which is conducive to the sustainable development of the environment.

Pages 147-150
Year 2017
Issue 2
Volume 1


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