Study on Relationship between Evolution of Karst Rocky Desertification an d Human activities in karst canyon area

Category: ICETI 2017
Author: Lihui Yan , Zhongfa Zhou , CHEN Shengzi , Lianyi Tian ,and Yajuan Chen
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Quantitative analysis and located monitoring of the evolution and trend of karst rocky desertification (KRD) based on GIS and RS, using remote sensing images in 2001 and 2014 as the date source .Using probability function to calculate the certainty factor(CF),discussed evolvement driving mechanism of karst rocky desertification. The following conclusions are obtained: (1) The evolution of KRD includes three types: no change, better and deterioration,which is given priority to with good transformation, 47.22% of the total area of karst, followed by deterioration and no variant, the karst area of 28.05% and 24.71% respectively;(2)The KRD with a total area is overall improvement, but local aggravating ,mild rocky desertification is the important direction, and is also a rallying point rocky desertification in the evolution of the forward and reverse;(3) Contribution rate of different land use types on rocky desertification evolution, forestland and grassland driver with good transformation of evolution is given priority to, grassland and the bare is given priority to with deterioration, driven by the dry land, garden land, open woodland and construction land under the influence of three kinds of rocky desertification evolution way go hand in hand;(4) 50 hu/km2 is the populated density point of rocky desertification evolution. The significance of quantitative analysis of KRD is to put forward the decision-making and regulation mechanism.

Pages 142-146
Year 2017
Issue 2
Volume 1


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