Category: ICETI 2017
Author: Haiyan Yu,Lei Wang,Yongqiang Li,Jiujun Yang
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The gypsum thermal insulation material was prepared by the method of aluminum powder. The effects of high aluminum cement content, aluminum powder content, NaOH content and mixed water temperature on the performance of gypsum thermal insulation material were systematically studied. The results show that the strength, bulk density and thermal conductivity of gypsum thermal insulation materials are affected by the content of high alumina cement, the content of aluminum powder, the content of NaOH and the temperature of mixed water. The optimum preparation conditions were as follows: when the content of high-alumina cement was 5%, the content of aluminum powder was 0.7%, the content of NaOH was 0.5%, the water-cement ratio was 0.6 and the water temperature was 40℃, FGD thermal insulation material has a bulk density of 309.3kg/m3, strength of 0.24MPa, thermal conductivity of 0.073W/(m·K).

Pages 51-54
Year 2017
Issue 2
Volume 1


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