Model-driven Approachfor Environmental ProtectionManagement System

Category: CleanWAS 2017
Author: Jinkui Hou
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A model-driven development approach for environmental protection management system is proposed in this paper from the viewpoint of software engineering implementation. The development process starts from the describing of platform independent models. Then, by tightly integrating different functional modules such as environment monitoring sub-system, environmental protectionwebsite subsystem, storage management, the approach succeeds in transforming models between different levels. This approach can not only be a theoretical guidance for model transformation, but also can be a measurement for validating the mapping rules between models at different abstract levels of the same system, and thus can make an effect support to model driven software engineering and environmental protectionmanagement system. The advanced analysis and design approach can provide a guiding support for the development of general environmental protection management system.

Pages 52-54
Year 2017
Issue 1
Volume 1


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