Research on low temperature environment self-regulating heating cable actively intervene in temperature field of the concrete curing

Category: CleanWAS 2017
Author: Liu Lin
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For several situations encountered in the detection, more complex internal structure, or testing data of smaller discreteness, data is less or more close, which is difficult to meet the conditions of use, that is concrete defect discrimination method of the ultrasonic testing method of current Chinese specifications. This paper aimed at existing in the detection of the above situation, studied the problems of the existing specifications defect discrimination method in solving the above situation, studied a multi-parameter custom critical defect evaluation method, respectively , studied on the use of the method in the testing data of smaller discreteness and complex internal structure. As detection is shown, first, this method can improve the accuracy in ultrasonic testing in such case, can effectively avoid the false negatives. IT makes defect detection rate of 90% or more. Second, according to the
waveform of abnormalities detection data to determine defect discrimination threshold, it determines the defects of parts and the final defect result is more close. In addition, For conditions with less testing data, the use of other testing means, compares the ultrasonic testing results to obtain acoustic parameters, in order to set custom defect discrimination threshold, and reduce the number of false negatives.

Pages 24-26
Year 2017
Issue 1
Volume 1


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