Preparation of Perovskite Oxide LaMn1-xCoxO3 and Photocatalytic Degradation of Dye Wastewater

Category: CleanWAS 2017
Author: Yan Lv , Yun-kai Li
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Perovskite oxide LaMn1-xCoxO3 was prepared using sol-gel method, and it was used as catalyst in photocatalytic degradation of dyestuff wastewater. Using acid magenta as degradation material, the influence factors on the photocatalysis activity were investigated, such as the pH value, the dyestuff concentration, the quantity of the catalyst, the quantity of the additional oxidant(H2O2) and so on. The results indicate that the degradation rate of the dyestuff may get to 96% when the doped ratio of Co is x=0.4, the quantity of catalyst is 0.2g/L, the concentration of acid fuchsine was 10 mg/L,and the pH value of dyestuff solution is 7. H2O2 can improve the photocatalytic degradation rate.

Pages 03-05
Year 2017
Issue 1
Volume 1


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