Preparation of SiO2 modified chitosan and properties in treating dye wastewater

Category: CleanWAS 2017
Author: Yan Lv
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SiO2 modified chitosan was prepared by modifying chitosan with trimethoxysilane treated SiO2, and the effects of different factors, like dye solution pH value, adsorption time, dye original concentration and temperature on the adsorption of three types of dyes, methyl orange, acid magenta and crystal violet , using the prepared modified chitosan were studied .The results show that the dye adsorptivity of the modified chitosan increase with the decrease of the solution pH and the increase of initial mass concentration, and it decrease with the rise of temperature. The adsorption equilibrium can be reached within 60 min; Acidic dyes with azo and sulfonic acid group in the structure can be easier adsorbed by the modified chitosan , while the adsorption effect of basic dyes is not ideal.

Pages 01-02
Year 2017
Issue 1
Volume 1


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